Purchasing Service

RNP Express, a leading parcel delivery service provider, understands that shopping online from abroad has many limitations, such as:

  • Some websites do not support shipping to Thailand.
  • Some products cannot be shipped by air.
  • Buyers have to pay additional import fees.

RNP Express therefore offers a personal shopper service to help you shop from abroad easily, conveniently, quickly, and safely.

The advantages of RNP Express’ personal shopper service are as follows:

  • Convenient: Just inform us of the product details you want, and RNP Express will order and deliver the product to you.
  • Safe: RNP Express has a professional team ready to take care of your products safely.
  • Affordable: RNP Express offers a cost-effective personal shopper service.

RNP Express is committed to helping you shop from abroad easily, an essential tool for your online shopping.

Use RNP Express’s Personal Shopper Service today!

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Personal Shopper Service Steps:

  1. Inform us of the product details you want.
  2. Pay for the product and service fee according to the company’s terms.
  3. RNP Express will proceed to order the product.
  4. RNP Express will deliver the product to you.