Import Services

A new solution for importing your products. With RNP Express, your goods are our priority

Advantages of Sea Freight

Cost-effective: Sea freight is the most cost-effective method for transporting goods, especially for large volumes.

High capacity: Cargo ships can accommodate large quantities of goods, making it ideal for businesses importing bulk items.

Safe: Sea freight is a highly secure mode of transportation, with a low risk of damage to goods during transit.

Versatile: Cargo ships can accommodate a wide variety of goods.

Transit time: The transit time of 15-20 working days is generally suitable for non-urgent shipments.

Additional services

RNP Express makes international shipping simple

1. Specify the type of product and provide a photo of it (for verification)

2. Create a free shipping account (no fees)

3. The customer packed the goods themselves

4. The customer sends the goods to the warehouse

5. Pay the shipping fee

6. Receive the product at the destination